Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

At Pampers, your baby’s happy, healthy development is our top priority. And we’ve been leading the way in disposable nappy design and skin health research for decades. We’re committed to providing you with all of the facts so you can feel confident using Pampers nappies, pants and wipes with your little one.

Here, we’ve included answers to some common questions we receive from parents. If you don’t find what you’re looking for and still have questions about Pampers products, please contact us

  • Are the ingredients in Pampers safe for babies?
  • Yes. All Pampers products are dermatologically tested and they are safely used by millions of babies around the world, every day. All materials in Pampers products—from nappies and pants to wipes—are thoroughly evaluated to be safe and gentle for babies. Pampers only uses ingredients that have been confirmed to be safe for babies. That’s The Pampers Safety Promise.

  • How do you choose the ingredients in your products?
  • Pampers carefully chooses each nappy, pants and wipes component based on both its safety profile and excellent efficacy in helping keep baby’s skin dry and healthy. At each stage of development, we evaluate and assess every ingredient to deem it safe before it comes in contact with your baby’s skin. We only use ingredients that have been confirmed to be safe for baby.

  • Are the colours in Pampers nappies safe for my baby’s skin? Do you use disperse dyes?
  • The colours in Pampers nappies are safe, non-sensitising pigments carefully evaluated for safety. Proven safe for infants and children and commonly used in products like contact lenses and food packaging, they are used for fun design and to indicate different components of the nappy. We don’t use disperse dyes in Pampers products.

  • Are Pampers wipes gentle enough for my baby’s skin?
  • All Pampers products are dermatologically tested and clinically proven to be mild, even on sensitive skin. In fact, research shows that Pampers baby wipes help maintain natural pH, and are milder than cotton wool and water on baby’s skin.

  • Are Pampers wipes safe to use on my baby's face and hands?
  • Yes. Whether at the playground, in the highchair or on the changing table, Pampers wipes clean up messes gently and effectively. While specifically designed for nappy change clean-up, Pampers wipes are safe for use on other body parts — including the face — and can be used at every nappy change. They are dermatologically tested.

  • Are Pampers Sensitive wipes fragrance free and hypoallergenic?
  • Yes. Pampers Sensitive wipes are fragrance-free. They have been dermatologically tested and they are clinically proven to be as gentle to the skin as cotton wool and water alone.

  • What is polypropylene, and why is it used in my baby’s nappy?
  • Polypropylene is a soft, high-performance fibre commonly used in textiles such as sports wear and in a variety of consumer and personal care products. With a safe use history in consumer products. As with all components of Pampers nappies, polypropylene is used because it has a proven safety profile, and contributes to our design for baby comfort, fit and dryness.

  • What is petrolatum, and why is it used in my baby’s nappy?
  • Petrolatum is used as part of lotion on the topsheet to help maintain healthy skin. We use a pharmaceutical grade - the highest - of purified Petrolatum.
    Petrolatum is used in many types of lip balms and medical skin-health products.

  • Why is there adhesive in my baby’s nappy? Is that safe?
  • Adhesives are used throughout the nappy to keep material layers in place, ensuring nappy contents stay inside. The adhesives are tucked away from baby’s skin. These adhesives have been thoroughly tested and evaluated for safety and efficacy for your baby.

  • Is there natural rubber latex in Pampers products?
  • No. We do not add natural rubber latex.

  • Do Pampers products include formaldehyde?
  • No. We do not add formaldehyde

  • Do Pampers products include parabens?
  • No. We do not add parabens

Please contact us anytime you have a question or feedback about Pampers. Thank you!

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