Reports from the field: The midwives and their crucial role with mums and babies

A key challenge in this process is educating mums about the importance of vaccines to help give their baby a happy, healthy start in life. We do thisthrough financial contributions which support the training and empowering of local midwives:who are the first point-of-call for pregnant mums, and who are vital in helping the community understand the dangers of hygienic birth practices which cancause MNT. In the past women have resisted the vaccines as they simply didn't understand that they were essential for a healthy baby.

100 million more mums and their babies around the globe may never experience their first smile unless we continue to pursue our goals: helping eliminateMaternal and Neonatal Tetanus (MNT). The UNICEF midwives help spread the right message in affected areas and change mum's lives across the globe.

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