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32 weeks pregnant: What to expect

Your baby at 32 weeks pregnant

Your baby is the size of a Napa Cabbage (length: 16.5-19 “; weight: 1.7kg).

Ups and downs. Most babies settle in the head-down position by this week. Ideally, baby will stay put until you give birth. Then again, he or she might change positions several times before the big day.

Your pregnancy at 32 weeks

Light ribbing. Feeling your baby move is sweet, but it's less cute when a foot gets stuck up under your rib cage. Try lying on your side or changing positions to coax your little one into moving.

Check-up double-up. When you reach 32 weeks, most antenatal clinics will want to start seeing you more often. Among other things, your midwife will be on the lookout for signs of infection, preterm labor or preeclampsia.

Delivery drill. A tour of the hospital where you'll be delivering will take you through the labour and postpartum rooms and acquaint you. Knowing where to go and what to do ahead of time will prevent a last-minute scramble when you're in labor. You may also want to map out and travel two different routes to the hospital.

School days. Be an active participant in your childbirth classes: ask lots of questions and feel free to talk about your hopes and fears. Don't forget to bring your partner so that you're both prepared when the moment arrives.

Did you know? Baby’s skin is no longer hanging loose and it now looks pink and smooth thanks to new fat development. He or she is starting to look like the baby of your dreams! And now that your little one is probably in a head down position, get ready for that big entrance into the world!

Quick tip for mum: Soon you will be starting your antenatal classes. You and your partner will get lots of helpful information about labour and birth, meet other pregnant parents-to-be and increase your confidence about the exciting big day ahead.

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