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Unbeatable protection for new born skin.

Pampers' New Baby has a unique Absorb-Away Layer™, and now added protection at the back, that quickly removes wetness and soft poo from skin. Wrap your baby in our best protection.

Did you know Pampers & UNICEF have now eliminated Maternal and Newborn Tetanus in 10 countries?

With the help of parents like you, Pampers
has been working with UNICEF for seven
years to help protect Mums and babies
from Maternal and Newborn Tetanus.
Learn more about our partnership here.

Wondering about your
baby’s delicate skin?

Pampers have created a new nappy range:
Pampers New Baby Sensitive
Unbeatable protection and care for
delicate newborn skin. Pampers New
Baby Sensitive , part of the Pampers
Premium Protection™ range, combine
both dryness, with a unique Absorb-
Away Layer™ , and softness, together
with up to 50% more more skin-care
to help protect skin.
* compared to New Baby nappies
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My newborn’s umbilical cord seems so fragile, and I’m really worried about hurting it. Have you got any tips?
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How do I protect my newborn’s umbilical cord?

Healthy eating for when you are pregnant

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Eat this, don't eat that -- when you're pregnant, it seems everyone has advice on what you should and should not munch on. Here, simple guidelines from the experts to help you navigate the nutrition maze.
Healthy eating during pregnancy

Healing After Childbirth

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Wondering what happens to your body after you give birth? Learn about afterbirth pains, lochia, episiotomy incisions, and more, so you can feel better faster and enjoy your new baby.
Tips for a faster recovery after childbirth

Which foods are the best sources of calcium and iron

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Must-Have Minerals Calcium (the building block for bones and teeth) and iron (which helps create blood cells) are vital minerals in your diet right now. Pregnant women and nursing mothers need to consume at least 1000 mg of calcium and 30 mg of iron daily.
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Shopping for your newborn

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Shop for It Are you ready with all your baby must-haves? Have you shopped til you dropped and ticked off all the items on your list? Or are you still baffled by babygros and cotton cellular blankets?
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How will I know I'm in labour?

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How will I Know? It may sound like a silly question, but it's one that most new mothers ask themselves in the final weeks. Fear that you might suddenly come into labour and end up giving birth in the middle of the supermarket vegetable isle may be keeping you indoors. But don't worry. The vast majority of first births are fairly slow affairs, with an obvious build up of symptoms that are easy to recognize. These include: 1. Nesting instinct (a strong urge to get everything spick and span for the arrival) 2. A show (vaginal mucus discharge from the cervical plug) 3. Contractions (localized pain and cramping that comes at regular intervals around your abdomen, pelvic area and/or lower back, getting stronger and more frequent over a number of hours).
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How to avoid unecessary risks

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Dos and Don'ts For Mums-to-Be What do cats, gardening and soft cheese have in common? They, along with a few other things, can present a risk to your pregnancy. It's important for you to know what items and activities to avoid over the next seven months.
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