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Every parent dreams of a healthy start in life for their baby

Help eliminate newborn tetanus

1 pack = 1 vaccine*

For every pack you buy we donate the cost of one vaccine against newborn tetanus.
Help make it possible for more babies to have a healthy start in life.

Unbeatable protection for new born skin.

Pampers' New Baby has a unique Absorb-Away Layer™, and now added protection at the back, that quickly removes wetness and soft poo from skin. Wrap your baby in our best protection.
** against newborn tetanus

Many babies’ firsts are only made possible with a healthy start in life

Help eliminate newborn tetanus

1 view = 1 vaccine**

1 share = 1 vaccine **

Every time you watch one of our short films celebrating the joy of babies’ first time moments, we’ll donate the cost of a vaccine against newborn tetanus to help every baby get the healthy start in life they deserve. Share the short film, and we’ll donate the cost of another vaccine.

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Serving you the best selection of useful tips, services, offers and product information to help you navigate the joys and challenges that come as your baby grows and develops.

Wondering about your
baby’s delicate skin?

Pampers have created a new nappy range:
Pampers New Baby Sensitive
Unbeatable protection and care for
delicate newborn skin. Pampers New
Baby Sensitive , part of the Pampers
Premium Protection™ range, combine
both dryness, with a unique Absorb-
Away Layer™ , and softness, together
with up to 50% more more skin-care
to help protect skin.
* compared to New Baby nappies

Pregnancy Calendar:

week-by-week information
Your body is rapidly undergoing new and exciting changes every day. Our pregnancy calendar walks you through the journey from week 4 to week 40. Its our step-by-step guide to every gurgle, kick, and craving!
week-by-week information

A guide to the first 12 weeks

Just discovered you are having a baby? Congratulations! If you are looking for advice and support, here is our Guide to the first 12 weeks. It was created together with the Royal College of Midwives, to help you navigate becoming a mother.

Find the perfect baby name

A fun and inspirational way of finding just the right
name for him or her. See what names are visited the most.
Find the perfect baby name

Follow your baby's development on your desktop!

What's your baby-to-be up to this week? Download the Pregnancy Widget and start following your baby's development with regular updates and tips.
* Please note that the Pregnancy Widget may not work on work place computer or behind a proxy server.
Follow your baby's development on your desktop!

Create your own Baby Diary

We'll make it easy to record every precious moment in your baby's life as it happens. Add notes and milestones, upload photos, plot your baby's growth, and share your collection of memories with family and friends.
Create your own Baby Diary

Pampers dryness
or your money back

Simply great value Pampers: Simply Dry has an Extra
Dry-Layer for trusted Pampers Dryness you expect at a
price you don't! If you weren’t satisfied with your recent
purchase of Simply Dry, we will offer you a full refund.

Advice for a good nights

Tips from our Pampers expert Wendy Dean
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My newborn’s umbilical cord seems so fragile, and I’m really worried about hurting it. Have you got any tips?
Read how do i protect my newborn’s umbilical cord?
How do I protect my newborn’s umbilical cord?

Healthy eating for when you are pregnant

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on this article
Eat this, don't eat that -- when you're pregnant, it seems everyone has advice on what you should and should not munch on. Here, simple guidelines from the experts to help you navigate the nutrition maze.
Healthy eating during pregnancy