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Expert Q&A:
My daughter has eczema. What can I do to relieve her discomfort?

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My daughter has eczema. What can I do to relieve her discomfort?


Eczema, a chronic dry and itchy skin condition, is manageable. Here are a few tips to keep it under control:
  • Cover her with light creams during the day and ointments at bedtime.
  • Antihistamines at bedtime can ease the itching. Check with her doctor before giving her any antihistamines, particularly if she is under a year old. If necessary, her GP may prescribe a topical cortisone preparation.
  • When washing, use only mild soap, apply it at the end of the bath and rinse it off immediately.
  • Take short warm baths daily. Afterwards, liberally apply a layer of rich emollient which will help hold in the moisture.
  • Cut your child's nails often so she can't scratch.
  • Dress her in cotton and avoid material that can aggravate the skin - synthetics, wool, itchy fabrics.
  • Rinse chlorinated pool water off after swimming and apply moisturiser.
The good news is that in many cases, children outgrow the condition later in childhood.


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