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How to look after baby teeth

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Toddler Teeth Care From the moment your baby's first tooth appeared, teeth brushing became part of the daily routine. Now that your toddler has two little rows to care for, start teaching her about the importance of keeping them clean. Letting her choose the colour of the toothbrush will spark her enthusiasm - and the keener she is to look after those pearly whites, the less likely she is to have dental problems later on.
TAKE CARE OF THOSE PEARLY WHITES Twice a day, put a small amount of fluoride toothpaste on a toothbrush and encourage your child to brush. At this age, you'll probably do most of it yourself, but it will get your child into a routine of caring for his teeth. You may also want to find out about the amount of fluoride that's added to your water. Every community is different. Some areas provide the small amounts of fluoride needed to protect children's teeth while others don't. Ask your GP if your child needs fluoride supplements. And find a dentist in your area who is good with children. Plan a visit when your child is somewhere between two and a half and three - sooner if there's a problem with his teeth.

FYI: If your toddler has fallen and blackened a tooth, don't ignore it. This injured baby tooth may harm the permanent tooth underneath, so get the dentist to check it out - it may need to be taken out. Baby teeth with cavities need attention for the same reason.

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