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Clothing tips for your growing baby

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Skin Care Check As your child's bladder-control improves, you'll need to change him less often. But that means paying more attention to skin care not less. Your toddler is heading towards his third year of life, and you'll be starting thinking about potty training. So it's particularly important to keep things clean and comfortable down below to prevent him from forming negative associations linked to nappy rash and stinging skin, as these may put him off toilet training.
SKIN CARE IS STILL IMPORTANT Even though your toddler may begin to need nappies only for naps, journeys and overnight, the way you take care of his skin when you put a nappy on him shouldn't change. For some reason, toddlers' skin becomes even more sensitive after they are partially dry and clean. When it comes to the nappy area, healthy skin is dry skin. Wet skin quickly becomes fragile and vulnerable to nappy rash. To minimise wetness from nappies, change them frequently and use super-absorbent nappies, especially at night. If you use terry nappies, it's wise to be a little more vigilant about checking and changing them. Remember that dietary changes, illness and antibiotics can all lead to changes in the character of your child's stool that can irritate his bottom. Treat these irritations early and aggressively so your child won't see going to the toilet in negative terms.

Learn more about preventing and treating nappy rash from our experts.

QUICK TIP: It's harder for children to control their bladders at night. Cutting down on liquids after 6 p.m. and getting your child to urinate before bedtime will help minimise bed-wetting. And, in time, your child will learn how to wake up at night when he has to go to the toilet. Until then, keep the mattress covered with thick plastic - no dry-cleaning bags.

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